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Hacienda Mundaca

On the way to Garrafon cliff, located right by the side of Playa Lancheros and Playa Paraiso in the central part of Isla Mujeres, Hacienda Mundaca is a plantation house built by a 19th century Spanish pirate and famous swashbuckler named Fermin Mundaca de Marechega. Formerly called “Hacienda Vista Alegre”, history and legends tells how Mundaca found here a safe place to live with a native girl called “la Trigueña”. After years of plundering the Caribbean Sea, fighting against the powerful British navy and trading slaves, Mundaca found love in this peaceful place. He retired and designed the once grand mansion with engraved stones, exotic flowered gardens, orchard, cattle and all necessary goods to enjoy each other.
You may see Mundaca’s gravestone in the island’s Municipal Graveyard where under skull and cross-bones reads “As you are, I was. As I am, you will be”. Hacienda Mundaca is the place where the cultural heritage of Isla Mujeres was raised. Every single islander knows about them and for sure this is why Isla Mujeres is such a romantic place to share and enjoy with those you love. Every marriage in this paradise will positively be influenced by the love and passion that Mundaca showed to “la Trigueña”.

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